Reviews Help Us!

Digitizing Memories needs your help!

The more reviews we get on, facebook  or any other location you find us on the internet, the more known we become.  If we have done work for you, PLEASE take the time to leave feedback for us.  We VALUE your comments and depend on you.  With your marketing help, we are able to keep our costs down = saving for you too.

Please let me know when you leave feedback or a review and I would love to reward you with a 15% off a one-time order.  (Offer may expire at any time, but you know me…

Converting your media; photos, slides, videos (vhs, hi8, MiniDV, etc.) is truly a pleasure for me.  I love to see memories preserved!

Summer Store Hours,  I would LOVE Feedback!

I am thinking of closing the store two days a week for the sumer season.  What do you think?  Inconvenience? Go for it!  Suggest days to close; I’m thinking Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday & Thursday.


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